Heather Jane Shears is a highly creative individual with a wide skill set stemming from her Illustration Degree gained at Brighton University. The highly sexualised Graphic Artist, Jasper Goodall, guided Heather’s quirky and GaGa style. Upon realising that her talents spread much further than her detailed pencil sketches and prints, Jasper opened her eyes to a new way of visualising client’s briefs. Wigs, face print, bubble wrap and bondage tape were just a few key tools of the trade, which ultimately led Heather to the wonderfully expressive world of Fashion Styling and Make Up. Assisting stylist Alexis Knox at the live final of Britain's Next Top Model and London Fashion Week 2010, gave Heather the skills to freelance as a Stylist/ Make Up Artist and art direct photo-shoots for independent designers and singers, such as; Abilu Creations, AJA Ireland, Alexa Hawksworth and Nora Draper Atelier, all based across the East Midlands.

Heather has kept her fingers dipped in many honey pots by using her drawing and graphic design skills for companies and private commissions, from logo design to bespoke wall art, across the UK and abroad. This varied portfolio of Styling, Art Direction, Illustration, and Graphics, combined with her love of travel, birthed the HAUS OF HEATHER, an umbrella brand of creativity.